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Standard Precautions

Caregivers are responsible for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases. National Board of Health and Welfare Regulations on Basic Hygiene for Swedish Health Services (SOSFS 2015:10) specify the procedures that are to be integrated into the working methods of all caregivers.

This 15-minute online training provides you with the essential knowledge that you need to have. After passing the proficiency test at the end of the training, you can print out a personal diploma.

Since the introduction of the e-training in Standard Precautions in January 2015 the education has been freely available for everyone, not only for health care providers in Stockholm. 

Susanne Wiklund, Infection Control Nurse, and Fanny Bergman, former Infection Control Nurse at the Department of Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene, Stockholm County, developed the training. Learnways AB was in charge of production.

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The National Board of Health and Welfare

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Basala hygienrutiner. Ett sätt att förebygga vårdrelaterade infektioner.




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